Driving Engagement: Enhancing Customer Interaction Through Two-Way SMS Campaigns


Many businesses have adopted SMS marketing. However, most companies use a one-way messaging system, which entails sending offers and news to consumers while denying the customers the chance to respond to the message. SMS is supposed to be a method of communication that involves communicating quickly through exchanging messages between two parties. Therefore, businesses should consider embracing two-way SMS marketing and engaging their customers effectively. These are the benefits of a two-way SMS communication campaign for a company and how to adopt this technique.

Benefits of using a two-way SMS marketing strategy in your business

A two-way conversational SMS strategy is advantageous in many ways.

Consumers will reply much faster than before

SMS marketing is an effective way of boosting customer engagement because SMS messaging has an open rate of over 90% greater than other forms of communication, such as emails. This makes conversational SMS superior to other communication mediums because it improves customer relationships with your business, promotes brand loyalty, and enables you to achieve your primary objectives. One of the two-way SMS services is Mitto, which has fantastic features. Mitto has an SMS gateway that lets you send SMS through your computer. These services also usually have an SMS API or application programming interface, which is software that enables them to send SMS messages to many people at once. Hence, they can work efficiently.

Customers will understand

Customers are bound to have questions about your products or services. Therefore, they will ask questions, evaluate your business, and seek assistance when needed. When you use conversational SMS, you will give them the precise information they need by replying to their questions. This way, you will improve their customer experience, make them happy, and retain them.

More profits and higher return on investment

About 90% of phone users read and reply to text messages within three minutes of receiving them. Therefore, you will obtain instant results for your campaign. This communication method is the best way to boost sales and increase revenue.

Show customers the human side of your business.

The modern world is highly automated, and it helps to communicate with customers in a more personalized way since it will help them become loyal to your brand. You will humanize your business and give customers answers that are customized to their questions.

Understand your customers’ reasoning and behavior.

You can read their replies keenly and understand their main preferences and focus. You can then use the data to do SMS campaigns at a later date or on other marketing channels. Understanding your target market is one of the cornerstones of a successful business.

How to use a 2-way SMS marketing strategy to boost customer engagement

You can apply several tactics to get honest and valuable responses from new or existing customers. Just like any other marketing strategy, it is paramount that you evaluate and try out various techniques to know what will be most effective for your business and market. These are some of the strategies you can experiment with:

SMS reminders

You can use this communication method to send payment reminders. When customers forget or go for long periods without paying you, you are likely to have problems with cash flow, which can adversely affect your business. If you execute SMS reminders correctly, your customers won’t be annoyed. Instead, they will be able to ask questions immediately and are likely to pay since they will receive all the information they need.

Prompt customers to finish orders

If someone placed items in a cart on an e-commerce platform but did not complete a purchase, you can SMS the client and provide consultation services. This approach can be productive because you will offer people the details that will eventually convince them to buy.

Remind customers about appointments and allow them to confirm

When you use a two-way system to send an appointment reminder, you allow customers to reschedule, confirm, or call off their appointments. Customers will enjoy a pleasant experience since they won’t need to look for the business’s other phone numbers or email to contact you. Customers also get to verify crucial details about an appointment, such as the time and directions.

You can also use two-way SMS campaigns to send renewal offers, event invitations, feedback surveys, and replies to questions.

Final thoughts

Gone are the days when providing quality products was enough to create a successful business. Nowadays, you have to put more effort into marketing. Fortunately, you can use a two-way SMS campaign to contact consumers and allow them to give you feedback. You can also use this marketing strategy to send SMS reminders, invite people to events, and request customers to complete a purchase.

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