Five Different Types of Wireline Services


Oilfield wireline services can be a confusing topic for those unfamiliar with them. Wireline services are the backbone of any oil and gas company, but they come in many different forms. This blog post will discuss five different types of wireline service, their differences, and how they vary across companies.

  1. Case Hole Logging:

Companies looking to pinpoint specific locations for their well use this type of wireline service. Cased hole logging helps the company find the best location possible, thus saving them money on rig time and drilling costs. Depending on what a client wants to achieve, these services can be tailored towards directional or vertical wells.

  1. Wireline Directional Drilling Services

This first service is for companies that are looking to drill directional wells. These types of services can be incredibly expensive, but they also have the potential to save a company up to 70% on oilfield costs. This wireline drilling package includes pulling out existing sub-surface data and then adding new information. This is a great option for those looking at horizontal or highly deviated wells because directional drilling can save up to 60% of their total cost per well, as opposed to vertical costs.

  1. Wireline Logging Services

Logging services are a standard wireline service used in the oil and gas industry. This type of service helps companies to make better decisions about where to drill, how deep to drill, and what resources are available. By using logging services, companies can save time and money by avoiding wells that are not worth the risk.

Logging services are not meant to replace traditional drilling but rather help companies make decisions during their current wells or future projects.

  1. Wireline Coil Tubing Services

This type of wire-based service is for those looking to complete workover activities. This particular process involves pulling out all oilfield fluids and replacing them with new ones, which can help companies save time and money on drilling costs. These types of services include coiled tubing operations, nitrogen fracturing operations for enhanced oil recovery, and pressure pumping operations.

  1. Wireline Perforating Services

Perforating services are a popular type of wireline service that is used in the oil and gas industry. These services can be beneficial for those looking to complete well workovers, extend their production life span, or even cut down on rig time from wells that have been drilled but not completed.

In conclusion, perforating services can provide several companies looking to increase their production and lower their overall drilling costs.

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